How Much Paperwork Do You Need When Importing Goods into Australia?


If this is the first time that you've imported any goods into Australia, you may understand that there's typically quite a lot of paperwork involved and that you need to ensure it's all in order, for everything to go as smoothly as possible. The documentation will vary according to the type of cargo you are importing, starting with the basic requirement and moving on from there. What do you need to know about the formalities?

12 April 2018

4 Design Techniques to Minimise Noise


Would you like to construct business premises that will not be adversely affected by the noise from nearby activities? Read on and discover some design techniques that can be used to build premises that will be relatively unaffected by noise pollution. Room Shape The shape of a room can play a critical role in making it susceptible to external noise. For example, round rooms make it easier for sounds to reverberate off the walls and create noise.

10 January 2018

Three Critical Guidelines for Safety Auditing in Your Commercial Space


Managing the risks in your workplace through safety auditing is essential. The auditing process will allow you to identify the existing hazards in your commercial space. Consequently, you will be able to reduce these risks and create a safer environment for your employees. The inspection will also identify potential hazards in the building before they can escalate and cause dangerous situations. Additionally, you can develop an actionable risk reduction plan through the findings of the assessment.

29 November 2017

Why You Should Consult a Structural Engineer Before Modifying Your Home


You can compromise the structural integrity of your home if you make any structural modifications without getting the input of a structural engineer. Below are some of the considerations that the structural engineer has in mind when assessing the suitability of any modifications that you wish to implement. Structural Configurations Structural engineers are normally concerned about the potential effects of various high-risk structural configurations, such as large door or window openings and long-span ceilings.

28 November 2017

Could You Be Suffering From Post-Partum Depression?


Having a child is one of the most prominent life-altering changes that can happen in your life. Not only do you go through drastic physical changes, but the hormonal changes that you endure can also be a precursor to incredible emotional changes too. Moreover, you also have to alter your lifestyle to accommodate the new life that you have brought into the world. With all these factors considered, it is not surprising that some women may start to suffer from postpartum depression.

22 November 2017

How to Get Going With That Career Change You've Been Dreaming Of


Whether it's after college or straight from school, many people settle into careers at a fairly young age. It might have been what you were planning on and training for, or it might have just been something you ended up doing and somehow got stuck in; either way, it's natural to have second thoughts after a few years. Because of this, a surprisingly large number of people make the decision to change careers in their late 20s, 30s and beyond.

15 November 2017